Where Should You Submit Your Work?

Instances of high-course magazines

Hopeful essayists and expert authors can discover many different magazines, periodicals, diaries and sites to compose for, for example, the accompanying:

Thought Health and Fitness http://www.lightinfitness.com Association, an enrollment relationship for wellness and wellbeing experts, distributes a bunch of distributions that acknowledge independent material. These distributions include: an) IDEA Fitness Journal; b) IDEA Trainer Success; c) IDEA Fitness Manager; and d) IDEA Pilates Today. Essayist’s rules

U.S. Children distributes a couple of magazines to teach and engage perusers and to advance great wellbeing and wellness among all youngsters. A couple of its distributions include: Turtle Magazine for Preschool Kids (ages 3-5); Humpty Dumpty Magazine (ages 5-7); and Jack and Jill (ages 6-12). Essayist’s rules

Radish is a month to month magazine to help improve its perusers’ wellbeing through the regular nourishments, items and administrations of western Illinois and eastern Iowa. Author’s rules

Diabetes Health magazine gives patients, teachers and medicinal services experts with down to earth counsel and the most recent data on new strategies, advances and examination identified with diabetes. Diabetes Health acknowledges requested entries from contributing authors for full length stories. Installment changes with understanding. Essayist’s rules

Adirondack Sports and Fitness is an open air amusement and wellness magazine covering the Adirondack Park and more noteworthy Capital-Saratoga locale of New York State. Author’s rules

EatingWell magazine is a national food magazine that centers solely around eating invigoratingly. Pay rate: up to $1/word. Essayist’s rules

Health.MSN.com pays for independent articles to distribute on its site. The supervisor demands essayists to submit story thoughts, a resume, and two unique examples by means of email. Visit http://on-msn.com/y0sxdY

Back rub Magazine is a universally coursed exchange distribution for rub specialists and unified wellbeing experts. Installment for articles ranges from $50 to $400, contingent upon the topic, class, length and nature of composing. Essayist’s rules

Dynamic Life is an every other month way of life magazine that advances physical wellbeing, mental clearness, and otherworldly equalization from a commonsense, Christian point of view. Installment for articles ranges from $100 to $300. Author’s rules

Well Now Magazine (Well Now) is the sole magazine that tends to the one of a kind issues of wellbeing living, wellness preparing, sustenance, and prosperity of mothers. Classification, Department, and Feature articles are remunerated at $.10 a word. Essayist’s rules

The above distributions are an irregular determination of wellbeing and wellness magazines. To discover a lot more magazines that acknowledge independent entries, go to our Writer’s Guidelines Database, which has in excess of 1,000 distributions that pay for independent material. You can discover wellbeing and wellness magazines in an assortment of classifications, for example, sports, health, nourishment, child rearing, and way of life.

What do editors search for?

Articles can run from delicate to no-nonsense, the last being specialized and precise. You may need to have an increasingly careful information about the subject before you can compose. All in all, editors search for articles that their crowd can undoubtedly identify with and comprehend. Exactness of information is required, just as idealness of entries. Rivalry is extreme among distributions; they need to be “first” in any subject. Most editors of profoundly flowed magazines need unique articles; they will reject reprints or concurrent entries.

How Do You Pitch Ideas?

Start with your nearby magazines as they are simpler to infiltrate. On the off chance that you would prefer not to begin without any preparation, check on the off chance that they’re alright with reprints. For the most part, you send the manager an email, communicating your aim to compose for them. Hopeful journalists

should concentrate on composing for a particular section or leave

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