Styles and Trends For This Season

This Season brings a combination of classic favourites, new ideas and fresh takings on our usual wardrobe pieces. It’s amazing how the classics seem to be taking the lead in the race for style this time Trends For All Seasons.

Maybe it’s the state of the economy at the moment or perhaps it’s a desire to make the most of the classic and comfortable looks; either way, classic is “in” this year. Blazers, slacks, dressy blouses and tops, and pencil skirts are being seen all over the place, and they look absolutely terrific.

Try teaming the classic pencil skirt with a striking or a dressy blouse in rich colour to give your outfit a bit of flair. Just by taking off the blazer, the look is dressed up by adding a sparkling accessory like a necklace or a really great clutch purse.

For a really flashy party look you can’t miss with sequins and clingy metallic fabrics. Look for these alluring sparkles in dresses, mini-dresses, skirts, leggings, and bustier or corset-style tops. All it takes is one fantastic piece to make the entire outfit really shine, so don’t rush out to buy a new wardrobe; rather wear your favorite party pieces with something bright and eye catching.

As much as the classics are turning up in droves this year, there is a striking new trend to watch for – big, big shoulders. And you thought this look went out in the 1980’s! Today’s big shoulder styles are much more than just padding, though; designers are opting for distinct shapes ranging from pointed to fin-like to rounded or pleated. It’s a great look for anyone who wants to create an hourglass look for themselves because big shoulders help to make your waist look narrower than ever before.

Rich jewel tones are “in” this year as well, especially deep purples, teals, ambers, and harvest reds. Pieces in these colours really stand out and catch attention, especially when paired with other pieces in rich neutral tones of brown, charcoal, or black. This is another terrific way to “dress up” your look this season without having to invest a ton of money in lots of new pieces. Just choose a blouse in a brave and eye catching colour to get the look! your favourite dress suit has an entirely fresh and new look.

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