How Smart Homes Work

Smart home can make life easier and more comfortable. Who is not happy to be lighting control, entertainment and the temperature of their couches? Whether you’re at work or on vacation, the smart home will remind you of what happened, and security systems can be built to deliver large amounts of aid in an emergency. For example, not only will residents were woken by the fire alarm notifications, smart home will also open the door, call the fire department and the light path to salvation.

Here is an example that is less than the smart home a cool trick:

road travel at night light for the bathroom.
opens the door automatically as you approach.
Feeding your pet on a schedule with a predetermined amount of food.
Directly create mood lighting for any occasion.
Program your television so that your children can watch only at certain times.
Warm the bedroom before you get out of bed so it’s nice and toasty when you get up.
Turn on the coffee maker of the bed.
smart home also provides some energy efficiency savings. Because systems such as Z-Wave and ZigBee put multiple devices on the reduced level of functionality, they can go to sleep and wake up when the command is given. electricity bills down when the lights are automatically turned off in empty rooms, and the rooms can be heated or cooled by anyone is at any given moment. One homeowner boasted that her heating bill was about a third less than the same normal house-sized [source: Kassim]. Some devices can track how much energy each appliance uses and swine force the command to use less.

smart home technology promises tremendous benefits for the elderly who live alone. A smart house can notify residents when the time to take medication, reminds hospital if citizens fall and keep track of how many people are eating. If the parents are a little forgetful, smart home can perform tasks such as turning off the water before the bath overflow or turn off the oven if the cook had walked away. One of the builders estimate that this system could cost $ 20,000, which is less expensive than full-time nursing home [source: Venkatesh]. It also allows adult children who may live in other places to participate in the care of their aging parents. Easy-control system will automatically provide the same benefits as those who are disabled or limited range of motion.

Smart home looks good on paper, but they for everyone? On the next page, we’ll look at some of the weaknesses of this technology.

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