Does Psalm 91 Guarantee Divine Protection?

If I pray and “claim” Psalm 91 over my cherished ones 23rd Psalm and myself, does this mean God will guard us from an epidemic and no disaster will come near us?
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Trina Dofflemyer
God’s Nature
“Surely he’s going to save you
from the fowler’s snare
and from the lethal pestilence” (Psalm 91:2).

Does God promise in Psalm 91 that He will defend a Christian from harm? If I pray and declare this psalm over my loved ones and myself, does this imply God will shield us from a virulent disease and no disaster will come near us?

God wrote our Scriptures thru people in a specific generation of history and thru the method to be had at that point. He used anything sorts of literature or illustrations could have been understandable to the original target audience. They might have regarded how to read and recognize God’s phrases to them thru something form He chose to write. After Christians decide what a verse or passage intended to the authentic target market, then they are able to build a bridge for that means into their personal tradition. Within scripture, we find the genres of regulation, narrative records, poetry, prophecy, know-how, letter, gospel, and ancient apocalyptic literature.1

Within scripture, we discover the genres of regulation, narrative history, poetry, prophecy, expertise, letter, gospel, and historical apocalyptic literature.

Interpreting Psalms

Before we unpack Psalm 91, it is important we examine the Book of Psalms as a whole. The Book of Psalms is the songbook of Ancient Israel and offers with all factors of historical Hebrew life. The authors of the psalms wrote within the biblical genre of Hebrew poetry. The mechanics of Hebrew poetry are strikingly one of a kind from English poetry. This book does no longer educate immediately doctrine according to se; it addresses the thoughts through the heart. The psalms themselves are musical poems, supposed to evoke emotion and a reaction.2 They supply us God-inspired fashions of praise and prayers, teaching us to be brutally authentic while communing with our Creator. Worshipers explicit their private feelings by delighting in God’s beautiful gifts or at different instances accusing Him of abandonment.

If Christians use the psalmist’s enjoy as a literal promise of God, then they may emerge as confused and disappointed. God absolutely answers prayer and can certainly right away expect any needed divine protection; but, “God wants us to believe his know-how rather than to trust that he’s going to yield to our wisdom. There is nothing too hard for God, but we cannot dictate which difficult aspect he ought to do.”3

Interpreting Psalm 91

Biblical pupils have divided the psalms into various sorts, for instance: praise hymns, lament, wisdom, thanksgiving, psalms of consider, and kingship.4 Psalm ninety one is a musical poem of trust or confidence.

This psalm starts in verses 91:1-2 with a personal testimony from the narrator. Almighty God is his shelter and citadel. Yahweh is the God in whom he trusts.

In verses ninety one:three-13, the narrator encourages the reader (or listener within the authentic audience) to believe in Yahweh as well. He lists in poetic imagery the approaches Yahweh will combat battles, execute justice, and defend folks who take refuge in Him.

Continuing into verses 91:14-16, Yahweh is now speakme. The one who loves Him is aware of his call. One commentator referred to, “All this ends in a function time period in Psalms for the character of God: his “name.” It is extensively recognized that the “name” of God isn’t always a label or a name however alternatively a term for his very nature (“what He is in Himself).”5 Yahweh’s call expresses not most effective his coronary heart for protection imaged within this one psalm, however all the attributes the Israelites had skilled throughout their nation’s records, individually and corporately. Yahweh is the compassionate Deliverer, a mild Shepherd, and the One Who sees each one.

Psalm 91 inside the Life of Jesus Christ

During Jesus’ temptation, Satan lightly quoted Psalm ninety one:eleven-12 and then tried to use the words out of context. Jesus responded by way of bringing up different scripture, “It is likewise written….” Jesus drew from another a part of the canon of scripture to present insight to the Author’s supposed meaning of these verses.6

Later, whilst Jesus visited his hometown of Nazareth, he infuriated the human beings within the synagogue with his teaching. They drove him out of city and took him to the forehead of a hill, proceeding to throw him off the cliff and kill him. Miraculously, Jesus walked right through the group and went on his way. We see divine protection.7

Yet inside the years yet to come, Jesus subsequently suffered cruel injustice at the fingers of the civil and spiritual authorities. He was betrayed, whipped, mocked, and crucified. No amazing shipping here. Jesus’ crucifixion become a important a part of the Father’s last plan of affection for his creation.

Psalm ninety one for Christians Today

Jesus’ followers have to be careful now not to interpret an historic style thru a twenty-first century lens. When Christians pray Psalm 91 (and that they should!), they’re acknowledging the call of Yahweh, that He is indeed able to accomplish what they pray on behalf in their loved ones and themselves, which include deliverance from invisible enemies and violence. However, Christians have to also balance this psalm with the relaxation of scripture, and inversely, the Bible teaches they may experience struggling and persecution of their earthly pilgrimage.

Jesus’ fans have to be cautious now not to interpret an historic genre through a twenty-first century lens.

As one scholar summarized, “Ultimately in the book of Psalms, God is our king, who reigns over our lives and the world that he has made.”8 When we confirm our self assurance in God’s individual during instances of terror or within a pandemic, we take our lives out of the manage of the powers and government in this world and region our souls in the arms of our good and loving Heavenly Father. Come what can also, we rest in his shadow and take his faithfulness as our protect. After this temporal existence is completed, we will stand surprised when our King famous how He orchestrated innumerable answers to our prayers which can be now invisible to our human eyes. Let us pray with the psalmist, “The Lord is my refuge and my citadel, I consider within the name of Yahweh, my God. I will stay within the shelter of the Most High.”9

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2How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by way of Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart, pages 206-208
3 Andrew Hill and John Walton in Old Testament Today, web page 375
four Biblical students vary of their names and variety for kinds.
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Nine Psalm 91: 1-2, nine.

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